ERP Implementation and Support

Implementing ERP successfully depends on matching the automation and transformation processes with specific company requirements, procedures, competencies, and solid organizational structure. We offer our clients 360-degree execution support, which has been honed through exposure to numerous deployments.

Our Expertise with Leading Industrial ERP SOLUTIONS


Being Odoo Partner, we strive to extend our services in the development, support, and customization of Odoo to help our customers in Streamlining their business operations


We broaden the scope of SAP S4/ HANA Support services in order to streamline their business operations following industry best practices.


Providing support over the complete user interface, we deploy Kibana enabling visualization of Elasticsearch data and navigation of the Elastic Stack successfully. 

IOT Solutions

We help build a massive network of IoT-powered machinery that reduces complexity, ensures device efficiency and drives innovation across all industries. 

Mevris Aircon Management Solution

With yet another cutting-edge technology, Mevris' Aircon Management system, it is possible to measure and analyze the performance of Air conditions, automate procedures, increase communication, and enhance the general customer experience.

Remote Operation
Control the air conditioner from a distance using a mobile device remotely.
Plan the machinery's shutdown and start-up times, performance evaluations, etc.
Energy Efficiency
Detailed reporting feature assists you in evaluating use & planning to reduce energy utilization.
Keep track of how the machinery is operating using the Graphical User’s Dashboard and Charts.
Thermostat Restrictions
The machinery may be subject to restrictions in accordance with the rules.
With smart monitoring & data evaluation, Mevris predicts energy use & bills.

Industrial Three Phase Meters

With custom development of three-phase metes, we are revolutionizing energy consumption, real-time load management and creation of smart Mevris dashboards for industrial machinery.

Energy Monitoring
Make real-time energy reporting and monitoring a possibility for all machinery and devices.
Power Consumption
Mointor the load and power for indutrial machinery and devices, making real-time changes.
Access all data for machines, devices and more through Mevris smart dashboards, updated in real-time.

Industrial Gensets

To meet the issues of ensuring continuous power availability, most businesses, industries, restaurants, hospitals, and other sectors use a Generator as a backup power source. And this is exactly where Mevris comes in.

Remote control
Generator can be started and stopped remotely from any place.
Gasoline Alerts
Notifications help in tracking up - and - down amounts of fuel as well as when it reaches a certain threshold.
Fault detection
Email and SMS alerts in the event of a problem
Monitoring Fuel Level
Battery voltage, fuel consumption, engine temperature, and power production may all be accessible without physically operating.
Producing Reports
Useful information provided as a result will help to assess machine life and to make essential decisions.

IoT Customized Industries IoT Solutions

Our tailored industrial IoT solutions are designed to meet the demands of your specific industry. Only our fully managed through our IoT platforms and ecosystems make it feasible.

Utility Monitoring

Mevris deployment brings down operational cost by a large percentage through management and monitoring of basic utilities and expenses. 

Machine Monitoring

Monitor consumption and utilization data for all industrial machinery in real-time with Mevris smart solutions and reports. 

PLC Integration

Our technicians are highly trained in PLC integration, troubleshooting and design, connecting industrial-scale devices with computing capabilities. 

Smart Plants

With Mevris IIOT solutions, improve profitability, enhance plant efficiency and access complete monitorial power of your machines.