Our Leaders

The vision of BlueEast’s

The vision of BlueEast’s leadership is to make each team member own the company as their own. We believe that the true passion of work comes from within rather than by tempting a person with only monetary gains. The self-respect and satisfaction we feel in accomplishing a worthwhile task fuels our passion for the work.

Mian Abdul Rehman Talat

Chief Executive Officer & Founder BlueEast

Mr. Talat is a young, energetic and techy leader and served as director sales and marketing at Orient Group of Companies, now CEO BlueEast accomplished his vision and evolved Orient from “Pehli Chahat” to “Living Innovation” with several technological add-ons, especially with addition of Mevris and E-Comfort technology.

Junaid Hafeez

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Hafeez has over 20 years of industrial experience and serves in dual roles of Chief Information Officer at Orient Group and Chief Operating Officer at BlueEast. He has led several projects involving IT, ERP and SAP implementations. His spectrum of expertise include project management, planning, ERP modules, team building, business development and setting-up datacenters.

Naseer Ahmad

Vice President of Software Engineering

Mr. Naseer has 20+ years of experience in managing teams of 250+ people and delivering USD 7M+ services to USA, UK & Middle East clients. He has contributed to various leadership and management roles in 8 IT/Software organizations ranging from VP, Director, Engagement Manager, Program Manager, Deployment, Delivery Manager, Project Manager, and Technical Lead to Programmer. Naseer Ahmad has profound knowledge of traditional, agile and hybrid software project management and development methodologies. He has track-record of building strong teams, establishing smart goals, mentoring, vouching, motivating team and individuals for success, promoting teamwork, gain trust and establish respect.

Hassan Shahzad

Assistant Vice President of Hardware Engineering

Hassan brings 16+ years of complex product development leadership experience to the company. He has worked with tech-companies including Cisco, Apple, HP and Xilinx. Hassan likes to build and coach teams and has led intellectual property development initiatives that generate USD 850M+ for companies globally. Hassan specializes in engineering program management, business development, global development teams, agile and lean way of doing things, new product development, and certification oriented development for safety-critical, high-availability, and reliability systems. He participates in cornea-grafting projects as a volunteer at Lions Clubs International. Hassan lives in Lahore with his wife and daughter.