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We take pride in putting our people first. The perks we offer meet you in every walk of life because we understand that people can perform to the best of their ability only when they’re happy and heathy.

Provident Fund

We secure your future with our EPF plans thus ensuring a good growth of your money upon maturity.

Annual Bonuses

Our annual bonus is designed to provide effective means of motivating & compensating eligible employees.

Travel Allowance

BlueEast fully compensates the travel expenses of their employees, adding value to their employment at the company.

Valet Parking

We provide secured parking services for employees to park their vehicles without paying anything additional.

Lunch, Snacks & Drinks

BlueEast offers hygienic subsidized meals along with absolutely free refreshments to keep the people going.

Health Insurance

We understand that a healthy workforce is crucial for the long-term success of any company.

Life at BlueEast

Happy People at BlueEast

The most satisfying thing is when you see people taking responsibility, setting their own objectives and realizing what’s important to them. This happens at BlueEast, every day”- Mian Abdul Rehman Talat, C.E.O

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