Video Documentary on BlueEast’s CEO Abdul Rehman Talat

BlueEast’s Mian Abdul Rehman Talat has now been featured in his very own documentary on Neo TV in recognition of his contribution to the field of IoT. The Documentary shows Abdul Rehman in his role as the CEO of BlueEast and sheds light on his work as well as what he looks for in entrepreneurs while considering investments.

The short documentary shows him going about his daily responsibilities as the CEO of BlueEast, a sister company of Orient Electronics. In the video he talks about IoT (Internet of Things) which is the main focus of the company and also relates the key factors which he seeks in a businessman which are the entrepreneur’s business module, experience in his/her field, vision and most importantly, passion.

He talks about how failure is an essential part of the journey towards success of any start-up founder and that no entrepreneur should be discouraged by it.

The glimpse in his work life was given to introduce Pakistanis to the young Abdul Rehman making waves in the field of technology and to inspire them to never give up and to achieve great feats of their own.