The Big First Move: BlueEast Acquires Smart Devices

BlueEast, the IoT subsidiary of Orient Group of Companies, has acquired Smart Devices, an IoT startup making this the first major acquisition of the company.

Smart Devices was introduced to the CEO of Blueeast, Abdul Rehman Talat, via the show Idea Caroron ka.

The founder of Smart Devices, Abdul Ghaffar had previously won Pakistan’s first IoT award at Telenor’s IoT expo 2015 and then crossed paths with Talat at the reality TV show. Talat saw potential in the startup and immediately made an offer.

After a year of monitoring Ghaffar and the progress of Smart Devices, BlueEast finally decided to make an official acquisition at the end of 2016.

The CEO, while imparting his thoughts on the acquisition, said; “We see immense potential in Smart Devices and as our focus is on Internet of Things, it turned out to be the optimum choice for our first move of such nature.” Abdul Ghaffar shared similar views, stating, “The fact that BlueEast itself is an organization whose work revolves around IoT is an arena full of potential and I am looking forward to working with them.”

The two parties by joining forces hope to introduce smart devices and smart appliances for homes for a more convenient lifestyle and have already began working on a Smart Air Conditioner. With Abdul Ghaffar as an addition to BlueEast and work taking place in full swing, the company is certainly going to make waves and will surely rise to prominence in the Pakistani IoT market.