Smart Wi-Fi Kit Launched By BlueEast

lueEast, one of the top IoT Pakistani companies which has been making waves for its enterprises, has recently launched a Smart Wifi Kit which makes DC Inverter ACs smarter. These Smart Wifi kits have been exclusively designed for Orient’s Ultron Series DC Inverter ACs and allow the individual to completely control the AC via cloud.

Once the Smart Wifi Kit is integrated in the AC, the AC transforms into a beast of intelligence. It gives you the freedom to control its working from any place with a Wi-Fi, monitor it and schedule it for weeks, months or years. Not only that it also has a built-in energy meter which gives you complete information about the availability of voltages and the usage of amperes, power and energy units so that you can manage your electricity cost accordingly.

BlueEast’s teams worked relentlessly to introduce the smart AC technology first in Pakistan and will continue to innovate, improve and optimize lives!

The Smart Wi-Fi is now available online at Orient’s official website, so do check it out.