Brands that Power their eCommerce Operations with Magento

The question of the hour is if your business is satisfactorily meeting the current needs of the B2B and B2C consumers? If not, you might just be missing out on some fabulous opportunities! The consumer of today isn’t simple-minded or linear and is forcing the businesses to adapt to their needs and demands. That is exactly why a lot of the companies have turned towards Magento website development to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Magento Commerce is renowned for its fast go-to-market ability, flexibility, and robust ecosystem of support that helps businesses optimize their offerings to fall in-line with the customer demands. In this article, we are going to take you through some of the most famous and companies and businesses that have transformed their eCommerce businesses with Magento, both internationally and in Pakistan.

  1. Saddleback Leather Co.

Saddleback Leather is one of the leading leather products manufacturers and sellers in USA. When the company gained traction and started to grow, it was only their eCommerce operation that was holding them back. With Magento website development, the business took a turn for the right and launched a Magento eCommerce website that had the goals of delivering value and ease to the consumers along with sales generation for the company.

This switch to Magento commerce resolved a lot of the company’s problems, improved their SEO, and provided enough of a boost to their conversion rates through A/B testing. With the multi-site versatility of Magento, Saddleback was also able to make their product line even more expansive and introduce a shared shopping cart for its sister brand, Love41!

As for the results, the website visitors jumped to 57%, the conversion rates rose by 17.5%, and the average order value by 8%!

  2. Yayvo

E-COM, an independent brand of TCS is offering services across multiple platforms like Yayvo and Sentiments Express. Through these two brands, they have expanded their business model and incorporated direct eCommerce solutions to the consumers, into the mix. Through Yayvo, the company has brought together a team of professionals in the fields of digital branding and marketing to provide B2B and B2C business to their customers!

Their current eCommerce website is powered by Magento and is offering both speed and reliability while adding a revolutionized commerce experience along with everything else!

  3. Catbird

The brand Catbird is generally known in USA for creating unique, captivating, and rare pieces of jewelry for women who want to stand out. The brand decided to move to Magento 2 as soon as they realized that the majority of their consumers were shopping through smartphones. Creating an optimized mobile shopping experience was their priority and they wanted to make sure that their customers experienced their brand with a sense of discovery!

When they launched their re-vamped mobile version of their website, Catbird added new functionalities such as stock availability, custom gift messaging, wish-lists as well as same-day shipping.

The addition of all their functionalities as well as a customized theme that was independent of the desktop version of the website makes navigation clean, simple, and easy for the consumers.

This mobile optimization with Magento website development services increased conversions by 17% and mobile revenue by almost 39%!


These are three of the most brilliant examples of Magento website development that aided eCommerce business for brands that we have shared now. There are many more businesses and websites that are powered by Magento and are doing brilliantly well in today’s digital world. If you are looking for Magento website development services to empower your digital business as well, you can contact us today.