Pakistan Day Celebrations in full swing at BlueEast

A Pakistan Day holiday sounds like a great idea but what is even better is celebrating it in style with your co-workers and mouthfuls of cake! BlueEast; a technology company in Lahore, Pakistan; at the occasion of the cherished Pakistan Resolution Day, decided to do something different this time to give rise to the patriotic spirit in the employees.

The whole of BlueEast office was submerged in the green and white colours. At the entrance, you are greeted by the green and white balloons joyously suspended in the air which accompany you on the stairs all the way up to the office floor.

The office floor was a sight to behold, lustrous buntings of the Pakistani Flag were hanging from the ceiling and the glass doors, accentuated by green and white ribbons.

Ribbons and balloons were hung on every shelf with the pictures of National heroes places in the centre. Balloons peeking from the desk dividers were another delightful touch to the office.

Charts handmade by the excited employees were displayed on the large whiteboard, expressing love and adoration for Pakistan.

The highlight however was the photo-booth with a string of buntings and balloons framing the humongous Pakistani flag hanging from the wall, ready for people to take pictures with it.

With so much preparation it was obvious that the BlueEast employees would dress up in the colours of the flags to show their patriotism and unity. Going a step further, the lovely female employees even painted their faces with the iconic colours.

The cute little daughter of the Chief Marketing Officer Sidra Talat, who specially accompanied her mother on the day, also got her face painted gleefully and fit right in with the rest.

After observing the National Anthem, the C.E.O Abdul Rehman Talat and all the employees took tons of fun pictures with the props and then moved to the mess for the special cake-cutting.

The Pakistani Flag cake was decorated with the delicious-looking green and white icing which made everyone’s mouths water. Abdul Rehman Talat and Sidra Talat assisted the adorable little guest with the cake cutting upon which the whole staff clapped and cheered. The cake was then distributed and was devoured in seconds by everyone, concluding the lovely day on a sweet note.