If this is the first time that you’re hearing the name ‘BlueEast’, be prepared because you will be coming across it again and again! BlueEast is the new IoT digital division of Orient Group of Companies and has now gained an independent status with the former Director Sales & Marketing, Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat, taking the helm as the CEO of the brand.

The origin of BlueEast stems from Orient’s Research & Development (R&D) Department which rose to fame because of its extraordinary work and relevance in the field of modern business. The steady success of the department made it obvious that the venture needed to become an independent organization. Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat had to be the best candidate for this position because of his continued work in the field of IoT and revolutionizing consumer electronics.

Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat talked about his happiness about his dream of becoming a reality in the form of BlueEast.

“I have always taken great interest and pride in the way the business world has evolved and E-commerce and IoT technology have rose to fame. It has always been my dream to bring such an organization to the frontline and with BlueEast, we have finally been able to achieve that. Now, our goals have modified as well and we plan to make BlueEast Pakistan’s number one IoT company with a digital outreach that is impressive and exceptional at the same time.”

With motivation at an all-time high and uncountable hard work being put into the mission, we are sure that BlueEast would be a household name in no time, especially for the geeks and techies that keep up with the world of evolving technology in real-time.