Orient Introduces E-Comfort Technology to global IT Corporate Leaders at Momentum 2018

Momentum is an international organization that prides itself in providing space and mentorship to entrepreneurs with ground-breaking ideas and help them make their space in the startup ecosystem.

This year, the event was held in Karachi on February 18 and 19 at the Expo Center. Orient Group of Industries had the honor of participating in the event with tech giants such as Google, IBM, Facebook, Telenor, BlueEx, Microsoft, and Hashoo Group among many others.

 Orient’s eComfort: Revolutionizing lives

Due to its significance in the tech industry and the impact of what the company is trying to create, Orient Group of Industries, represented by COO Junaid Hafeez, Head of Engineering Hassan Shahzad, and Abdul Ghaffar were invited to the conference to present eComfort technology that is unique to Orient.

 How the IoT journey began for Orient

The participants revealed that the IoT journey for Orient began when it acquired the startup named ‘Smart Devices’ to develop cloud-controlled homes. Smart Devices had the vision but did not have the logistics to make it happen. But once acquired by Orient, the company was able to achieve precisely what the Momentum Conference was all about.

It was a rollercoaster ride after that. Through its business acumen, industry strength, and exceptionally hard work, Orient was able to achieve unprecedented success.

For the first time in Pakistan, IoT has become a part of every household. With a strong team of leading IoT experts and professionals, Orient prides itself on taking the lead in this industry.

How did Orient do it?

For common Pakistanis, IoT was a luxury. Orient wanted to make it a necessity. Orient realized that this was missing from the market and it worked towards filling this gap to bring over an industrial revolution.

Abdul Rehman Talat, while discussing the company’s vision said, “Every home in Pakistan should become a smart home and eComfort is our radical ideal to make that a reality. I am pretty sure that we will make smart devices and smart homes a necessity in Pakistan just because of the comfort and flexibility they offer. We are making appliances more user-friendly, more flexible, more innovative, and faster.”

Showcasing eComfort at Momentum

Junaid Hafeez and Hassan Shahzad showcased eComfort and MEVRIS to the participants and gave a demonstration on how to operate a smart AC. They also told the participants that an AC as smart as Orient will eventually end up paying for itself. The participants showed a lot of enthusiasm in what the future has in store for smart ACs and other appliances.

Orient-powered Smart Homes of the Future

The company representatives also showcased to the participants how the smart homes of the future will have one thing in common – Orient’s smart technology. The reason for it being that the company had already brought the idea into the market while others were still busy deciding.

The future seems exciting with Orient’s smart homes!