Top Magento Extensions and Their Impact on Your Store

Magento 2 is taking over the eCommerce industry with several notable technological advancements, making it the best choice for online stores and website development. If you want your online store to stand the test of times, it is important that you get the best magneto website development agency like BlueEast to start the development process for you!

The platform has always been popular, but there are several popular Magento extensions out there that can give their online store a much-needed edge!

Top Extensions and Their Impact

Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation

This module gives a customized affect to your front end, replacing the default Magento 2 navigation with this layered module. Some key advantages of this module is that it allows your to add parameters like;

  • Horizontal Toolbar
  • Vertical Sidebar
  • Sliders for Price
  • Stock Display
  • Error Messages

Our Magento extension developers offer tailor-made, easy deployment of this plugin to optimize your navigation and website viewing. You can also add several filters with different features of the products.

Fast Cart Checkout Extension

This is one of the best Magento extensions that can easily be added during Magento website development as it pushes customers to buy more, adding to the revenue generation greatly. The extension enables the setting up of customized shopping cart titles and display shopping success messages when they get free shipping. With this extension, merchants can:

  • Customized Font Size
  • Customize Font Color
  • Show Page Loader Images

It offers specified word options for when the cart is empty, when it has products and exactly how much more is needed to avail ‘free shipping’, contributing to a positive customer experience.

Mconnect: Customer-Specific Product and Price

If you want your store to be customer-centric, this is the extension for you! By enhancing the customer experience based on their search and purchase history, it can assign specific products to a particular group of customers.

It also gives you the option to hide certain categories from unsubscribed or new customers, letting you vet unauthentic visitors. This module allows the admin to fully or partially restrict the product display based on customer preferences.

Advanced Ajax Login & Register

When you start Magento website development, one of the first pages that you should focus on is the login page.

This page is the gateway for your customers in most cases and also a way of authentication for you to filter the verified user. This specific extension allows your customers to login from any page or pop-up as well as redirect the user to a particular URL that you may have chosen for them, simplifying the default login method for all users!

Mconnect Search Autocomplete & Suggest

By using Ajax Spinx, this extension simplifies searching and suggestions for you, making it a very quick process.

It makes your website highly intuitive, by offering suggestions when the user just types three words for a keyword or product name. With a specific keyword, it shows the different products that are available as well as their quantity and variants. Now, customers can easily just enjoy an interactive and quick shopping and search experience with this extension!

These are some of the best Magento 2 extensions that are all the rage these days and should be your first choice if you are looking to improve store functionality or up the game of your store in minutes!

If you are planning to start an eCommerce business or need to improve store functionality, we can be your best Magento technical support. Just share your requirements with us and get an eCommerce solution, customized to your particular needs.