Mevris AI: How a tech startup journey ended-up serving the Nation along the way?

BlueEast started its journey with baby steps as a tech startup in the summer of 2016 under the umbrella of the Orient Group of Companies. Orient itself is a great success story which started from Late Mian Fazal’s ambition to break the status-quo with the transition from a tea stall at Lahore Railway Station to a pioneering photography business in 1957.

60 Years of Continous Growth

The Orient Group of Companies has done well in the last 60 years and is now spearheaded by the third generation of the founding father.

Abdul Rehman Talat embarks on IoT journey in 2016

Back in 2016 — Abdul Rehman Talat, former Director of Sales and Marketing of Orient Group of Companies, now CEO of BlueEast had a clear vision that continuous innovation was the only way to survive and thrive for the next 60 years.

One of the primary objectives of BlueEast was to shift the core business of the Orient Group of Companies from Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Manufacturing to Technology.

Not just mindless connectivity but REAL VALUE Creation

From Day 1, the team assembled at BlueEast was very clear that “having connected appliances and being an IoT organization itself is not something that would propel us into the future for success…”

However, we strongly believed that there were three key ways in which the Internet of Things would change our core business:

  • Smart Products
  • Smarter Business Operations and Decisions
  • Smart Business Model

BlueEast started development on MEVRIS — short for Make Everything Smart back in late July 2016. MEVRIS is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enables the integration of consumer electronics especially home appliances to become part of the Internet of Things without much hassle.

MEVRIS comes with a suite of low cost and state-of-the-art electronics that can retro-fit any home appliance into a smart appliance.

Experimenting with AI

In 2018, the BlueEast Engineering team started experimenting with Machine Learning Algorithms to deliver higher VALUE to our customers by using Automation and Intelligence to make decisions that enhance comfort, convenience, energy savings, and resource management.

As of January 2020: 90% of Airconditioners produced by Orient are Smart and use Mevris technology

A suite of AI features comprising Predictions and Autopilot were introduced in 2018 and 2019 to help our customers save energy while maintaining comfort health using Orient’s Smart Air Conditioner.

With the dawn of 2020; Mevris had gained so much growth and traction; that the Orient Group of Companies started a massive organic pivot toward technology business.

BlueEast achieved its first goal within 3 years of inception!

Promise Fulfilled!

With the help of Mevris AI features, our customers started realizing massive energy savings, a promise that we made to our customers when we embarked on our journey.

Being curious about gauging the real value delivered to our customers we started quantifying, our data science team began crunching numbers and the results were astonishing!

How much VALUE did we generate?

Our customers saved 20.8 Million KWh (units) that compute to a tune of 374.6 Million Pakistan Rupees.

Just how much is 374 Million?

You can help 1.1 Million people to endure the frigging winter season with nice and warm clothes!

We can feed 1.5 Million people with a healthy meal!

Talk about serving the nation of 200 Million with 25% of the population below the poverty line.

How about building our future with the saved 374 Million?

We can send more than 355,000+ children to school and secure a prospering and bright future for our nation!

We even have contributed to 10 Billion Tree Tsunami!


The energy saved has reduced CO2 emission by a whooping 9,439 Metric Ton, well how much is that? Well, it’s equivalent to CO2 absorbed by 2.3 Million trees over a year.

Mr. Prime Minister, Imran Khan — rest assured the nation is all geared up to achieve 10 Billion Trees in the next 5 years… just like 1 Billion Trees planted ahead of time… the nation would out-perform again!

How about electrifying villages and remote regions without electricity?

Well with 374 Million you can light 257,000+ bulbs and electrify homes from settlements in the majestic Thar Desert to Home in the glamorous Northern Areas of our beloved Pakistan!

Thank you Mevris Users!

We at BlueEast are humbled by the tremendous response of our customers and their appetite to try out new technology to enhance comfort and energy savings while help building the nation while we face a wide spectrum of challenges!

Late Mian Fazal would be proud of the contribution being made to nation-building and progress being made by the Orient Group of Companies which is now contributing 2% of LSM portion of GDP!

Abdul Rehman Talat, CEO BlueEast at a TEDx event

Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat, CEO of BlueEast commented, “Mevris platform is living up to its promise of educating and helping the consumers in optimal-way of using their air-conditioners while ensuring comfort as well as energy savings”.

What’s Next?

With this experience of successful implementation of Artificial Intelligence in solving REAL-LIFE problems — We at BlueEast plan to launch a complete ecosystem of IoT solutions in both Smart Home and Industrial applications in 2020.

The solutions will focus on providing a world-class experience to our customers while focusing on localized unique problems.