Pakistan to Lead the ‘Internet of Things’ Revolution!

Dubbing the internet of things (IoT) as “bigger than the next big thing” Abdul Rehman Talat, CEO BlueEast and Reason, said that Pakistan could very well be leading the IoT ‘smart’ revolution by focusing on research and development of cloud-based systems to utilize the leveraged data obtained from smart devices. Talat was addressing the audience at the CEO Club Pakistan’s corporate dinner.

He also discussed the impact IoT has on business and marketing and how businesses could revolutionize their operations by tapping into this shift in the processes worldwide. Abdul Rehman, himself, has been referred to as the leading force behind the introduction of  IoT to a common Pakistani through Mevris – which is a smartly-engineered, human-centric IoT platform that enables centralized control for all connected devices – and is now quickly becoming a part of all Orient home appliances. He also talked about how IoT could transform the life of a common man and was much bigger than 3D printing, 5G internet, and augmented reality.

Last year, Abdul Rehman also launched Reason, which is a direct to consumer (D2C) brand, and bypasses the distributor to reach out directly to the customer. His company, BlueEast, is also playing a role in bringing about a digital revolution by developing IoT-based smart household and personal electronic devices for the consumer goods industry.

“We are actively engaged in using IoT to extract new data to improve business processes while at the same time introducing new products and services in the market rapidly. I find all of this very exciting, to say the least,” he added.

Touching upon the fear people generally have about artificial intelligence and how robots might take over the world one day, Abdul Rehman said, “Machines don’t make systems, humans do. If we make systems for the machines, there is no way they can get out of it; rather they will help make our lives more safe and secure by nearly eliminating the chance of error.”

The dinner was attended by CEOs and other eminent personalities from various sectors.