Cart Price Promotions with Magento 2: Everything to Know

In the eCommerce business, the utilization of promotions, deals, and sales have amazing advantages for both the merchant and the customers. You can pull in an enormous amount of traffic on your site and greatly impact the conversation rates as well. Additionally, the customers sit tight for such promotions so they can buy their ideal items at a generally lower cost and discounted deals.

Be that as it may, after you’ve had a good Magento developer or Magento development agency set up your store for the deals of the season or the occasional sales, you should understand all the ways that you can design the promotions in your Magento® store.

In Magento 2, you can make 2 kinds of rules for offering promotions in your store.

Cart Price Rules

Catalog Price Rules

In the current ‘How to’ instructional exercise, we will share the means to make the Cart Price Rules in Magento ®2. Here’s how:

Cart Price Rules

  1. Login to your Magento® 2 backend and go to Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules.

2. On the Cart Price Rules page, click on the ‘Add New Rule’ button to add another rule, according to the specific offer.

3. You can now arrange the new rule on the New Cart Price Rules page accordingly.

Rule Information:

Rule Name: You will write a short name for the rule you’re about to design.

Description: Describe the value rule briefly and comprehensively.

Active: Set the status of this certain rule as Yes or No.

Websites: Select the site/store on which you wish to apply this rule.

Customer Groups: Choose the customers or the audience who can use this promotion.

Coupon: If you need your customers to apply a few coupons during the promotion, you need to set this field to Specific Coupon and when you set ‘No Coupon’ in this field, this rule will only be applied on the indicated conditions.

Uses per customer: You can enter the sum 1 in this field on the off chance that you wish to restrict the customers from utilizing or using this offer for the buy. With 1 in the field, one customer will only be able to avail of this offer once.

From/To: Define the beginning and end date for this promotion in your store.

Priority: You can set this rule on the off chance that you have different guidelines during the selected time frame.

Public in RSS channel: Choose yes for this field, if you need to post this rule in your RSS channel.


Conditions: Set the conditions and sub-conditions of the standard under this tab by tapping on the in addition to (+) button. Here, you can likewise change the conditions from All to Any or True to False.


Apply: Select any of the drop-down activities to which you wish to apply this rule to.

Discount Amount: You can characterize the sum of the discount in this field.

Maximum Qty. Rebate is applied to set the greatest amount of the items to which the rules will be applied.

Discount Qty. Step (Buy X): If you wish to offer any Buy X and Get Y free promotion, at that point, this is where you need to characterize the amount of X item to get the Y item Free. For instance, for a ‘Buy 3 and Get 1 Free’, set 3 in this field and 1 in the Discount Amount field.

Apply to Shipping Amount: If you need to apply the markdown on the total order, set this field to ‘Yes’.

Discard ensuing standards: If you need no other rule to be applied after this, set this field to ‘Yes’.

Free Shipping: If you need to offer Free Shipping with this rule, you should pick “For matching items only” from the drop-down.


Default Rule Label for All Store Views: Define a default label for the limits.

Store View Specific Labels: If you have a few stores, pick clear labels to show on your store for discounts or the offer.

Once you are finished with arranging the new value rule, click on Save Button to apply it on the retail storefront.

If you still have any doubts while creating the price rules, you can contact our team of Magento development experts to help you with Magento optimization!