How to Become a Full Stack Developer

When you’re starting to work in your first full-time job, you feel like you can handle anything. You want to be a good developer, so you want to go full stack. What’s that exactly? Well, bring together all the books relevant to information technology and bundle them together. That tower of information is what you call a full stack. So, once you realize that, ambitious as you are, you know deep down that it is probably a pipe dream. Or is it?

Take Small Steps: Web development is Easy, Full stack Isn’t !

  • In fact, many even call it a myth!

The ever dynamic I.T industry has so much to offer in terms of technology stacks, mastering all of them does sound rather daunting, if not impossible.

As a full-stack developer, you should be acquainted with all the front-end and back-end technologies. So basically, It would demand you to know all programming languages-Or at least the most used ones.

Question Yourself

  • Doesn’t it sound unrealistic to expect someone to be good at everything?
  • Will the client still require different experts for that one project?

Tips & Tricks to Get You Started on Your Tour of Becoming a Full-Stack Developer

1. Analyse Your Interest

Decide your area of focus.

Web technologies such as JavaScript for example, are today a lucrative path for most of the people out there. If you too relate to this domain, then your full stack would probably consist of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, general-purpose programming languages, database systems, web server, deployment operating systems, payment systems and a version-control system. Considering these related areas of operation on their own will get you a long way.

2. Focus On One language, Not all

Here too, most developers would jump in trying to learn all that they can. Doing that seems quite overwhelming but given the kind of technology range available out there, it’s close to impossible.

What needs to be done now is focusing on learning a few important technologies. For example, if it seems hard to master all general-purpose programming languages. You can choose to learn either Python, Ruby, PHP or others related.

3. Take a Course

4: Building a Network

5: Make Something On Your Own

As a full stack expert, the diversions with so much technology can be tempting. But, it is important not to lose focus on what your end product should look & operate like.

You must be able to see, feel and experience your product. It must serve the purpose it was conceptualized for. In any case, it can always function as something you can show off.

Key To Success

The dynamics of the market are ever changing, and you never know what technology you’ll be implementing next, so it is better to gather knowledge about most of them.

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