Entrepreneurship in Focus: CEO BlueEast’s Panel Discussion

“An entrepreneur is someone who has a character,” shared Mr. Abdul Rehman.

“He needs a very solution-oriented mindset which helps him to conquer all the hurdles that come on his or her way to success,” BlueEast CEO Abdul Rehman Talat said while addressing the participants at the Superior University Entrepreneurial Expo 2018.

The event was held in Lahore and consisted of a discussion on entrepreneurship policy for Asia, panel talks, insightful one-on-ones, electrifying startup exhibitions, and the grand launch of Pakistan’s first startup reality show — Idea Croron Ka, Season 3.

Industry leaders, students, parents, and many notable dignitaries attended the event along with many entrepreneurs, startup founders, professionals, and students.

Discussing ways to overcome problems faced by entrepreneurs, Abdul Rehman said that it was important for the budding entrepreneurs to learn from the experiences of industry leaders as well as develop the skills needed to win at the entrepreneurial journey. He shared stories of hardworking and dedicated people who started with small setups and went on to build businesses worth millions only through their hard work, determination, and constant innovation.

“I have personally experimented and discovered that there is no substitute for hard work. You have to believe in a vision bigger than yourself and work tirelessly to achieve it. For me, BlueEast was that vision. Creating one of the leading IoT and eCommerce companies in the country wasn’t easy but my team did it because we believed that we could,” he added.

“Entrepreneurship is about utilizing knowledge, talent, and will power. An entrepreneur can pull miracles even with minimum capital and find opportunities in the digital realm. No matter where you are located geographically, viable business models can be created that can interact with global structures of innovation,” he said, adding that it was highly important for the entrepreneur to bridge the gap between imagination and the reality of his dreams.

Abdul Rehman concluded the discussion by impressing upon educational institutions to play their role in educating and empowering their students.