BlueEast’s Smart devices wins the National Pakistan App Award

BlueEast’s Smart Device App has won the National Pakistan App Award for the best application for disabled people. The event took place on the 31st of January 2017 in Islamabad. The National App Award was organized for the first time by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) and the theme was “Embracing Mobile Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities in Pakistan”

The focus of the event was to reward applications created for Persons with Disabilities as they make up 10 to 15 percent of Pakistan’s population. BlueEast’s Smart Devices App proved to be the top candidate for the first position and out of thousands of hopefuls and was eventually chosen as the winner.

The Smart Devices application was designed by the IoT Team Lead of BlueEast, to assist blind individuals in controlling home appliances such as the air conditioner simply by tapping their smartphone screen.

The application won prize money worth 3 Lakh Pakistani rupees and was presented the award by Mamnoon Hussain, the President of Pakistan.

The IoT team of BlueEast was overjoyed at this honour and celebrated the happy occasion with sweets (mithai) for the whole office. The CEO of BlueEast, Abdul Rehman Talat, while expressing his joy at the app winning the award spoke, “This is an incredible achievement for us. The application was indeed innovative and we are glad that it got the recognition it deserves. The whole team deserves an applause. We also hope that it would make the lives of blind individuals convenient and allow them to function more easily.”

BlueEast’s Smart Devices application is truly remarkable and will certainly change the lives of blind individuals. And having witnessed this initial sweet victory for BlueEast, we are positive that there are many more such honours to come!