BlueEast’s CEO graces Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 17

BlueEast’s CEO Mian Abdul Rehman Talat has a natural knack for entrepreneurship. With his skills and experience he has taken the IoT Company to great heights and it is a given that everyone has begun to take notice of his achievements. Recently at the Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 17, he participated in an eye-opening, thought-provoking discussion about ‘What is important to become a successful Entrepreneur?’ alongside the CEO of Netsol, Director of Din Industries and many other distinguished individuals.

The in-detail discussion ranged from the characteristics ideal for an entrepreneur and the hurdles one can encounter in business. Abdul Rehman talked about various success stories and how maneuvered the growth of BlueEast. He also discussed the qualities and training which are essential to have an Entrepreneurial mindset and candidly shed light on gender discrimination in businesses and how to overcome it.

The discussion ended on a satisfying note related to what role educational institutions can play in mentoring future entrepreneurs and how a positive Entrepreneurial Eco- System can be developed.

The audience which consisted of students as well as professors, listened attentively, absorbing every grain of knowledge Abdul Rehman and other guests passed on and were extremely responsive to the whole discussion. At the end of the debate, Abdul Rehman was presented with a beautiful token of appreciation by the organizers of the expo and expressed how he considers it an honour to be able to inspire the younger generation to become future leaders.