Abdul Rehman Talat as a Transformative Marketing Leader at the World Marketing Summit 2020

The World Marketing Summit is an independent organization, functional globally, that is working on improving and adding to business practices through the latest innovations in Marketing. On par with their approach, the summit is supposed to touch on the modern practices and changes that are being made to achieve the best through marketing.

The Summit engages marketing and community leaders from around the globe to discuss sustainable and responsible business growth that also caters to human growth and flourishing.

In recognition of his services towards the cause of advancing the use of technology to improve the lives of common people in Pakistan, The World Marketing Summit, an independent global marketing organization, has invited Abdul Rehman Talat as a ‘Transformative Marketing Leader’ at its 2020 summit.

Abdul Rehman is an inspirational marketing genie who believes in the limitless potential of technology to transform lives. Through his startups, BlueEast and Reason, he is working on his vision to utilize IoT to reduce the gap between the digital and physical world and to create a business model that is both integrated as well as global.

Discussing his invite, Abdul Rehman said, “I am excited at the opportunity to represent Pakistan amongst the marketing giants. I think no matter what the circumstances, we should passionately work towards finding solutions while at the same time also encouraging others to do the same.”

“At the Summit I would be talking about the changing technological landscape of the world and especially Pakistan. We have to believe in our country and its immense potential to be the next big deal,” he added.

Experts have dubbed this invite and Abdul Rehman’s recognition as a ‘transformative marketing leader’ as a great achievement.

We are all ears, as should anyone, who needs a little inspiration to go after what they believe and achieve their due through immense hard work, patience, and a little bit of tact since we are all marketers in one way or the other!