BlueEast wins praise at Momentum 2018

Momentum is an international startup community that has been set up with an agenda to educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs working on innovative and disruptive technologies. This platform provides seasoned and budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to share knowledge and experience. This year’s event witnessed the attendance of over 300 companies and around 50 practicing professionals and entrepreneurs.

Apart from the big giants such as Careem, Abacus Consulting, Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazing, The Sociable, and many others, BlueEast, one of the leading IoT companies in Pakistan, was also featured in the event. The event was held on February 19 & 20, 2018, in Karachi.

Representatives from the company briefed the audience on how they were utilizing the power of “Internet of Things” to bridge the gaps between physical and digital worlds to enable people, enterprises and verticals to come together on a mass scale.

The event was followed by an IoT expert panel discussion where BlueEast’s Head of Engineering, Hassan Shahzad, shared the vision of the company.

Panelist exchanging thoughts on IoT

“While other companies at Momentum are working on prototypes, we have already taken the lead because we have already integrated automation technology in Orient’s home appliances,” Shahzad said, adding that the company was led by the vision of the CEO, Abdul Rehman Talat which was to incorporate “Internet of Things” with electronics, software, and sensors to empower a common man.

BlueEast’s representatives also discussed the current state of IoT in the country and presented their narrative on how they were developing new and affordable technologies that weren’t hard on the customer’s pocket. They also explained how the company was making intelligent use of data to simplify operations and decrease energy consumption by using machine learning algorithms for predictive and in some cases preventative analysis, adding that all of this was one tap away from the customer through the company’s revolutionary IoT platform, Mevris.

They also laid out the company’s plan for the next two years.

Commenting on the participation, Founder BlueEast, Mian Abdul Rehman Talat said, “I think this is a great platform where tech enthusiasts can meet up and showcase how they see the future. It has been an amazing experience for us as a startup and the overwhelming response we received for our innovation can’t be put in words. This platform is meant to bring about a revolution every year.”

Momentum will change the game for Pakistani entrepreneurs.