BlueEast & VirginTeez Signing Ceremony

Lahore: BlueEast has signed a Shareholder Agreement with the acclaimed online Clothing store Virgin Teez on 7th of July 2017 making BlueEast the official business partner of Virgin Teez.

The Agreement signing took place in BlueEast’s head office, with both founders of Virgin Teez, Moeez Javed and Aneeq Arshad, as well as the CEO and COO of BlueEast, Abdul Rehman Talat and Junaid Hafeez, being present for the ceremony.

VirginTeez gained nationwide recognition during their initiative to help the victims of the deadly 2012 Flood by selling customized T-shirts. The T-shirts became so popular that the duo decided to turn it into a business and never looked back. The appeal of VirginTeez lies in its devotion to individuality and creativity. The customer can have any design of their choice printed on a shirt they like and can even request a certain kind of design to be made solely for them.

Abdul Rehman Talat of BlueEast, who is always on the outlook for unique ideas, acknowledged the potential of this business module, and ultimately decided to invest in the company during their stint at Idea Caroron Ka. On the 17th of July, the two companies sealed the deal with an official investment of Rs 25 Lakh and a shareholder agreement binding them legally as business partners following the signing of the Term Sheet on the 22nd of April.

aved, in his ‘May the Funding Be with You’ T-shirt to match the monumental event, expressed his sentiments about the partnership, “We never expected to get such an opportunity and are nervous yet equally excited about what the future holds for our company.” Arshad too expressed similar views,“ We are looking forward to the expansion and we hope to do justice to Abdul Rehman Talat’s belief in VirginTeez.”

With BlueEast’s backing, VirginTeez is now all set to venture into home décor items as well as expanding its services across Dubai. This partnership will prove to be extremely rewarding for both the companies and will certainly one to go down in history as a success story.