BlueEast Talks: Inside Mr. Hassan Shahzad’s Lecture on IoT at Namal College

BlueEast Pvt. Ltd.’s Head of Engineering, Mr. Hassan Shahzad, was invited at a workshop at Namal College, Mianwali on the 3rd of February, 2018. Aimed at giving students an opportunity to learn about the present-day trends and inclinations in the science and technology industry, the theme of the workshop was “A Thorough Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)”.

Mr. Hassan was amongst five other speakers that included resource persons from the Lahore, University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Namal College and Sweden’s RISE SICS. Leading experts in the IoT field delivered talks on wide and ranging topics under the domain including an introduction to IoT and its future, how it’s different from Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), practical applications of IoT and security issues in the technology.

The workshop gave Pakistan’s next gen a comprehensive insight into a future that’ll focus more on infusing the internet into the social fabric of every individual. Students were told that the IoT is — as of yet — a pretty uncultivated industry that has a very bright future in a developing country like Pakistan (where the state is looking to end multiple issues through the advent of technology). They were encouraged to get training in IoT, its foundation, structural framework and technicalities so when the industry truly booms, they’ll be eligible to work in what’s poised to be a highly competitive business.

Explaining how “eComfort” cuts down energy usage

Mr. Hassan Shahzad spoke on the topic, “World’s First Smart Air Conditioner (IoT enabled) with built-in Energy Meter and Beyond.” While delivering his lecture, Mr. Shahzad gave a detailed account of BlueEast’s pioneering role in introducing the IoT industry in Pakistan. He briefed students on Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat’s (CEO BlueEast) vision to help end the electricity shortfall in the country by introducing a smart air conditioner series — titled “eComfort” — that looks to reduce electricity consumption by 60%. He also informed students how Mr. Shahid Afridi — Pakistan’s foremost cricket superstar — had been brought on board to increase the reach of eComfort and grab the common countryman’s attention.

Mr. Hassan Shahzad loved being at Namal College and says,

“I’d love to deliver more such talks where I can discuss what we’re doing at BlueEast and share it with our young leaders. I believe that Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat has a groundbreaking vision for the future of IoT in Pakistan and he’s leading the country to a future where a smart, automated home, that’s able to manage itself, is a reality. The work we do here at BlueEast every day is taking us ever closer to achieving Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat’s dream of a tech-forward, energy-efficient Pakistan.”

Mr. Shahzad explained to students how BlueEast and Orient are making customers more aware of how much electricity their AC is consuming, the current it consumes, real-time and historic data of their AC and much more. Mr. Shahzad explains that with the help of the MEVRIS application, eComfort consumers are able to set and follow budgets for their ACs and constantly know how much bill has been generated. Thus, they’re able to streamline their AC usage in accordance. Customers can also remotely control their ACs from anywhere so that electricity isn’t wasted if they’ve forgotten to switch off before leaving the house.

Meet the “ Smart” Panel

Mr. Shahzad also showed students the latest eComfort advertisement, featuring Shahid Afridi, and explained how Orient and Mr. Afridi hope to someday see a Pakistan that’s free from this distressing power deficit. Students were delighted with the surprise appearance of their favourite cricketer — albeit in an advertisement — and they couldn’t contain their excitement. After viewing the ad, their interest in Orient’s eComfort technology was piqued and many wanted to try it out for themselves.

Shahid Afridi’s Latest eComfort Advertisement

Furthermore, he also participated in a panel discussion that took place right before his talk. Along with other resource persons, he took on questions posed by inquisitive students and answered their queries. Mr. Shahzad was truly impressed with the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the students at Namal, their curiosity to learn more about IoT and eComfort and left believing that the future was in safe hands.