BlueEast Relocates: A Bigger Workplace for Deploying Innovative Ideas

The e-commerce and internet of things Solutions Company, BlueEast Pvt. Ltd. (a technology development wing of Orient Group of Companies) moved its workforce to their new purpose built office recently. The new workplace is situated on Multan Road, Lahore next to Orient Electronics Headquarters.

The newly-founded enterprise is specifically focused on developing and deploying the latest technologies for the consumer-facing market in the form of communication applications, digital retail solutions, internet of things devices and much more.

By moving into the massive two-story building, the company now has more space for Engineering & Prototyping, Research & Development, Operations and Digital Marketing.

“Due to a bigger workplace, we can expect more productivity, enhanced thought processes, better work environment and streamlined operations. With every team having their dedicated space for performing duties, we together as a unit will be more capable than ever. Furthermore, our engineering teams are now able to perform device-specific testing in a hassle free manner and are better able to bring other product designs to life. We also plan on housing more staff by the end of next year”– Mian Abdul Rehman Talat, C.E.O BlueEast.

Design wise BlueEast’s new workplace comprises of a fusion of contemporary, minimalistic and clean scheme with a plop of bright & vivid colors that gives a futuristic and an artistic feel. The layout and design of the new office resemble a lot to the likes of Silicon Valley giants.

The indoor theme incorporates modern grey tones with lively wallpapers and witty/inspirational quotes. Centered is the company’s own tagline of “Create More” on the wall that separates the workplace with the cafeteria and other facilities. The office is put together with indoor plants, ash fittings and ergonomic furniture.

Also, there’s a beautiful park on the outside for employees to breathe in fresh air, calm their nerves and appreciate the goodness of nature.

BlueEast also offers comfy breakaway spaces for their employees to relax and socialize.

“We want to encourage all kinds of discussions in our organization as some of the most innovative ideas are shaped as part of casual conversations, says the Company’s C.E.O.

BlueEast also has an in-house projector setting and a conference room where productive sessions are conducted.

There’s also a dedicated game room in the building with its very own Ping-Pong table to diminish the employees boredom, keeping them healthy and active.

The company also offers its staff hygienic meal which consists of traditional Pakistani Cuisine.

BlueEast aims to create an environment that helps motivate and nurture the local talent, “Human capital is one of the greatest assets of a company. We have faith in our teams, and we want to provide them the best so that they can deliver the best!” adds the spokesman from the IoT/E-commerce startup.