BlueEast Presents Reason Electronics: Pakistan’s first eCommerce only electronics brand!

Pakistan’s first-ever e-commerce only electronics brand, Reason, is all set to take flight under the leadership of Abdul Rehman Talat, the CEO of BlueEast and the former head of marketing at the Orient Group of Companies.

“The only reason for working on Reason was to make topnotch, valued-added, tech-savvy home appliances available directly to the customer at affordable prices and with the promise of outstanding customer service,” Abdul Rehman said while discussing the launch, adding that the prices would be “jaw-dropping, to say the least”.

Why Reason?

Currently, there is no e-commerce only electronics brand in the country and the manufacturers, as well as importers, rely on distributors and showrooms to sell their products.

Customers have to step outside and visit a shop to choose the product they like and also have to pay for delivery and installation in most cases. Moreover, the customer is the one who has to go through the hassle of running after the shopkeeper.

“I am testing a hypothesis that if Reason can bypass the distributor and the retailer and offer amazing prices to the customer, we will see a change in this landscape. Business just HAVE to put customers first. This is 2020, ” Abdul Rehman added.

Reason Electronics will interact directly with the customers through its online store instead of leaving them at the mercy of distributors and retailers.

Easy Online Access

Reason Electronics will also have a mobile application that will let customers buy the products they need easily. BlueEast also plans to launch an innovative, first of its kind online warranty system for its products on the mobile app.

Excellent After Sales Services

Being directly in touch with the customer means that Reason can easily address their concerns. Once a customer buys a product, a company-verified technician will visit them to install it. BlueEast is also offering amenity to improve after-sales services for Reason Electronics customers.

Rapid Technology Updates

For bigger giants, such as Orient Electronics, adopting an innovative technology update can take a lot of time. However, for a brand such as Reason which is built around the idea of evolution and innovation, this can be done in a very short duration.

“Working as director sales and marketing at Orient Electronics was an excellent and extremely professional experience for me. However, in mega brands such as Orient, bringing innovation in the market can consume a long duration of approximately three years from idea conception to its realization in the form of the product reaching the customer. Any startup can take over in these three years. Well, Reason is that startup. We will squeeze the go-to-market strategy from three years to three months.”

– Abdul Rehman Talat

This is just the beginning!

For Abdul Rehman, the game has just begun. BlueEast is working on a plethora of eCommerce-only brands which will follow the same philosophy: Customer First.

“There is no place for businesses that are out to mint money only without keeping the needs and comfort of customers in mind. The game has changed and I hope BlueEast will be one of those companies which will set the new rules,” Abdul Rehman said.

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