BlueEast Launches its Digital Face for the Cyber Space

BlueEast is proud to launch the revamped version of their official website which coincides with their expanding role as a global leader in Internet of Things and the E-commerce industry. BlueEast’s official website started from a mere one pager but due to increased interest of people and verticals, the company finally made the decision of recreating its digital face to better address the concerns of visitors. The re-engineered version of BlueEast’s website has been redesigned keeping the end-user in mind. Focused on aesthetics with streamlined menus, simplified navigation, better functionality and responsive layout for both mobile and desktop, the enterprise’s efforts on development have finally turned into a fully operational product.

C.E.O BlueEast, Mian Abdul Rehman Talat expressed his views saying:-

Admittedly, it was a large undertaking of completely re-designing, re-creating, and moving everything over to a new scheme. We’re sure that recrafting our digital appearance will help us grow by leaps and bounds. We’ve also enhanced the structure of our content so that users can get better insights from a quick read. Our newly launched website encompasses impactful changes to make the visitor’s overall experience worthwhile. There’s a remarkable sense of accomplishment when you’ve scoped the functionality, approved the designs, written all the content, and it’s finally time to hit the push button. The reality is, a lot of hard work goes into launching a website as it’s not as instantaneous as turning on a button. From technical and design considerations to quality assurance and branding, every step is taken with sheer dedication and unmatched precision to ensure that the website is launched without a hitch It is an overwhelming experience when the company’s digital vision finally becomes a reality.

The team started developing the project with creative ideas specifically focusing on the company’s communication policy and superior navigation so that the visitor never skips out important information. All of the sections were placed with great precision to make every piece of information available at a single click. This transformation was not only aimed at educating masses on BlueEast’s products, solutions and culture but also increasing the brand’s visibility.

Major goals for updating the entirely new website were to make it quicker, easier to navigate, and stress-free for both user & admin end. Most importantly, the new design scheme was aimed to help BlueEast’s clients to know them better. BlueEast’s new website is interactive and gives better access to About UsSolutions, Careers, Open Source Projects, Contact Information and Social Connect to foster improved communication. The new design is a definite embodiment of BlueEast’s business.

We encourage everyone to visit and explore our new website to get a better idea of who we are and what we are doing as a company.

We hope you like the titivated face of BlueEast, and if you have any feedback, please let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, if you have any concerns or need help, feel free to contact us at — or leave us our thoughts in the comments below.