BlueEast is Born: Orient’s IoT Division is now Alive and Kicking!

If you are hearing BlueEast’s name for the first time, you better memorize it because you will be hearing about it again and again. BlueEast is Orient’s IoT Division and has officially gained the status of an independent organization with the Orient Sales and Market Director Abdul Rehman Talat taking up the role of its CEO.

BlueEast’s roots can be traced back to Orient’s Research and Development (R&D) Department. The department’s fast rise to prominence made it obvious that for the things to keep going at this speed, the department to has to become an independent organization and the perfect candidate for the position of CEO was none other than Talat who plays an instrumental role in innovative projects and also has a background in Software Engineering.

Rehman Talat expressed his ecstasy at BlueEast becoming a reality, “We dreamt of a day like this and had to fight for it to come into existence. The Birth of BlueEast is just the first of the many struggles and if we could make BlueEast happen, we can make anything happen. Now our goal is to make it one of Pakistan’s top 3 IoT companies by innovating endlessly and Insha A Allah this dream too shall be soon realized.”

With spirits high and work taking place at peak speed, we are certain that not only will BlueEast’s name will be on the lips of every tech watcher but it will also prove to be at the forefront in innovation.