BlueEast Inspires: In Conversation with Junaid Hafeez

BlueEast consists of a talented, inspiring cluster of Individuals you would certainly want to know about. Today we bring you a special edition of Blueeast Inspires with BlueEast’s C.O.O. Mr. Junaid Hafeez who is a powerhouse in himself.

What does your job comprise of?

I am the Chief Operating Officer at BlueEast; my responsibility is to look after all operations related activities specially Online sales, HR & Admin etc. When we go in-depth, my daily tasks include tackling IT operations, focusing on e-commerce development with respect to optimization and integration; integration of the orders to dispatch, inductions, solving communication related problems in relation to the online sales. All policies and decisions are finalized after my consent. I also play a prominent role in the execution of Marketing strategies and campaigns such as those of Ramadan and analyze what made a campaign successful or unsuccessful, and whether a campaign needs improvements or should be discarded.

How did you come about becoming the C.O.O of BlueEast?

I was involved in the automization with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning); including Materials Management, Production planning, Sales & Distribution, Financial accounting, Customer Services, HCM, Plant maintenance. I began as a General Manager and Chief Information Officer at Orient and later my duties were extended towards BlueEast as a C.O.O. as I was always admired for my unshakeable work ethic and my accomplishment rate.

You were one of the first to push the idea of a Software House; can you tell us something about that?

While working at Orient, I often spoke to Mian Ahmed Fazal, Executive Director Orient Group, about the need to enter the field of IT. They understood that IT is the future of technology; considering how Abdul Rehman Talat; the Director Sales & Marketing Orient and CEO BlueEast studied computer science himself; the idea he already had in his mind. Then one fine day, Mian Ahmed Fazal and Mian Abdul Rehman Talat told me that BlueEast is going to become a reality and he wants me to be a crucial part of it; the rest, as they say, is now history.

What are your aspirations for BlueEast as an IoT company?

At a subjective level, ERP is my passion and I want nothing but perfection when it comes to it. I want to create ideal systems in BlueEast as well thus my passion for ERP is being utilized here to the fullest.

If we talk about the bigger picture, Insha’Allah, we will become number one IoT Company in Pakistan and become the leaders of home automation and town automation. As far as Clickmall is concerned; we will become one of the top 3 e-commerce companies of Pakistan. I have full faith in our dedicated and talented teams who are working profusely to achieve this goal.

What is the most challenging part of your position as the C.O.O?

The most challenging part of my job has to be making sure that all the responsibilities are being carried out efficiently and on time.

What is the most exciting part of your position as a C.O.O?

I am an explorer at heart, I love to submerge myself in the process of learning. Here at BlueEast I get to explore new ideas and enhance my skills and knowledge which is the most exciting part of my job for me.

One quality you are admired for and one quality you are hated for at work?

I get things done on time and set benchmarks. The quality I am disliked for is when I get annoyed at individuals who try to hide mistakes. Everyone commits mistakes but no one needs to lie to cover them up. Prolonged miscommunication makes me annoyed and I am known to give ‘tough love’ when such situations occur.

Who is your inspiration?

My eldest brother is my mentor who is a self-made person. He is the “Director Production & Sales” in a well-known company. He is my inspiration because he grew his knowledge and expertise. By degree he is a mechanical engineer but established himself as a force to reckon with in marketing. He told me to ‘grab my opportunities, increase my knowledge and skills, as this is my committee.’ To this day, I work by his advice.

What one word describes you the best and why?

It has to be ‘Hard-working’, I do not see myself as a genius but I give it my all to any project I take up. I never have shied away from work and strive for perfection.

How do you balance your work life and private life?

I have a very supportive wife and family; however my wife complains about my long working hours sometimes but eventually understands. So she is certainly one of my biggest supports.

Any advice for someone who aspires to be where you are?

My job is all about managing. So anyone who wants to be at such a position should know how to manage; people, problems and success. He should have a vision and the will to work hard. Notice what qualities and knowledge are required and develop them in yourself. As a C.O.O. you should have knowledge of everything, every single detail. Polish your skills and you will surely stand out in the crowd.

Also there are three kinds of employees; those can talk only, those who can work but cannot express, those who can talk the talk and walk the walk. You should be a full package. Your knowledge, experience and how you express it are the things you should be able detect, understand and then learn. Make sure you keep increasing your knowledge and you will get where you want to be.