BlueEast Exhibits Upcoming IoT products at Momentum Tech Conference

BlueEast participated in the prestigious Momentum Tech Conference which took place from 6th February to 8th February 2017. It is the conflux for entrepreneurs and investors, where ideas are nurtured and inspiration is imparted.

The Tech Conference is attended by the who’s who of the Pakistani and International Tech Circle who speak on various technology-related subjects. The representatives of BlueEast and our CEO, Mr Abdul Rehman Talat also participated in the conference to inspire the youth and showcase BlueEast’s extraordinary smart devices.

At the conference for ‘Pakistan Has an Emerging Market for IoT”, BlueEast displayed the MEVRIS application and how it is utilized to manage various household smart devices such as Orient’s Smart Air Conditioner. The application is intended to improve the living style of Pakistanis and add innovation to everyday activities.

It was demonstrated how the Smart AC can be completely controlled via the MEVRIS app, which stands for ‘Make Everything Smart’, and how it gives complete information about the AC’s usage and electricity consumption including amperes, energy units, power and voltages. Its timeline displayed all the Smart AC’s activities and updated the status of the AC as soon as someone changed it.

The application was also shown to be compatible with the smart socket and turned the smart plug on and off as needed. Similarly the Smart lights were given commands by using the MEVRIS app and the smart home sound system was also played around with blasting music with a tap on the app.

The demonstrations were followed by a discussion on the future focus and how it plans to take on the artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. The team got an overwhelming response from the audience and received a huge round of applause by them at the conclusion of the presentation with many eagerly having one-on-one conversations with the CEO and the team. The demonstration and discussion, in a nutshell, turned out to be quite successful and resonated extremely well with the tech-savvy audience.

For more information on MEVRIS application visit our official facebook page and to download the application for innovation in your own life download it from Google play or access it from any web browse of your choice!