BlueEast Exhibits Mevris at Pakistan HVACR 24th Expo & Conference 2017

The Pakistan HVACR Expo & Conference is one of the largest and best-attended events in Pakistan. To make the most out of the event, Orient and BlueEast jointly participated at HVACR 24th Expo Conference 2017 and were successfully able to grab the attention of a huge crowd owing to their state-of-the-art and innovative products and solutions.

2k17’s HVACR Expo & Conference was a 3-day event held from 30th March to 1st April 2017 at the Expo Centre in Lahore, Pakistan. It featured more than 200 local and international exhibitors mainly from Pakistan, China, Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Bahrain, India, Iran, Germany, England, USA, Japan, Italy, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia etc. At the event, brands showcased their range of products from domains such as Agent & distributing, engineering, manufacturing, technology, design and architecture, interior design, real estate, and many more from the industrial products industry.

The brand’s local and foreign representatives attending the event enjoyed each other’s company as they had a decent chance to mingle, interact and have a healthy competition.

BlueEast, the technology development wing of Orient Group of Companies, showcased their latest innovation at the HVACR expo, the Mevris application’s integration with Ecomfort technology.

Owing to the limitless possibilities Mevris offers when unified with Orient e-comfort DC Inverter AC , the attendees of the event expressed great interest in this life-changing technology.

Also, BlueEast’s representatives gave the visitors the first-ever live demonstration of the Mevris application and described the advanced features it offers such as scheduling events via smartphone, monitoring statistics and much more in real time, providing an effective solution for electricity bill problems and home automation.

Here’s how one of the visitors expressed his views

“I came to watch the live demo of the Mevris application integration with e-comfort DC Inverter AC, i would say that it is a must-have considering the heavy electricity bills being charged, definitely going to buy it soon”

The three-day exhibition and conference finally concluded on the 1st of April and proved to be a huge success particularly for Orient and BlueEast.

C.E.O BlueEast, Mr. Mian Abdul Rehman Talat commented on the importance of such events and how they can positively impact the Pakistani consumer market.

“Such expos are very important as they provide local and global brands to exhibit their products and helps them educate the masses on latest technologies being employed. Mevris was a much needed product and definitely the need of the hour considering the modern needs of smart homes. I am happy that the revolution we have brought leveraging the power of IoT and machine learning will make peoples lives much more convenient”

In a nutshell, the Pakistan HVACR 24th Expo/Conference gave the Pakistani and international brands a wonderful chance to present what they can offer. The HVACR event provided an easy and essential route into the market for enabling professionals and exhibitors from across the industry to develop their businesses in a seamlessly professional environment.

The reason for the immense popularity of HVACR’s activities is because the Government of Pakistan and private sector are strongly committed to investing in industrial, infrastructure, Educational, health care and utility sector of the economy. In future, Pakistan intends to attract a much higher investment in this sector by hosting events, providing a decent chance for brands to showcase their products and services thus making the country a preferred tourist and investor destination.