BlueEast Employees Bad Jokes Competition will make you ROFL!

Bad jokes only deserve eye rolls but there is just something about the way they can be presented that leave people rolling on the floor laughing.

Research has shown that people hardly laugh on the weekdays and that results in stress and a negative state of mind. But like they say, there is nothing that a bad joke can’t fix!

A Bad Joke Competition was held at Blue East to encourage the staff to laugh off their work stress, work together on a fun activity, rather than projects and deadlines It was also to make them more productive, fresh, and engaged at the workplace.

“A study by Robert Half International has shown that 91 percent executives believe that having a sense of humor in the office improves productivity and is extremely essential for the mental wellbeing of the staff as well as the admin. I am of course one of these 91 percent executives,” Blue East CEO Abdul Rehman Talat said, adding that for him, a sense of humor meant creativity and it should be valued and celebrated.

Winners & Runners up lined up for their gold

The event began with two teams engaging in a Battle Royale over who made the other laugh with a bad joke. The participants tried all the gimmicks they could think of to make the opponent laugh.

From wives to doctors, the jokes ranged from being one-liners to funny quips. Everyone was in tears, laughing! Trophies were distributed among the winners and runner ups.

“It was heartening to see our staff give their nerves a break and think out of the box. Who doesn’t like a good laughter therapy? We strive to include such activities in our culture to increase personal elements in our interaction with our employees,” Abdul Rehman Talat said at the prize distribution ceremony.

It was indeed a day that will be remembered by everyone for a long time.