BlueEast and Jazz, joining hands to disrupt the IoT landscape of Pakistan

Nine months ago, we founded BlueEast with a vision: to transform the lives of Pakistanis through IoT solutions. These IoT solutions will help to connect individuals all over Pakistan and solve their daily problems for efficient living in relation to home automation, smart urban development, automotive, healthcare, wearables and smart manufacturing.

Connectivity is a core part of IoT. Devices need to communicate with Cloud, to share their sensor data and receive commands. The cloud in return makes use of this data to make analytics and take smart decisions through Artificial Intelligence. In other words, connectivity is the backbone of any IoT project and strong connectivity is essential to fulfill our mission.

Today, we’re taking a vital step towards the realization of this vision.

We’re joining hands with Jazz, to collaborate on IoT products and services as it was a natural progression for us, being the biggest Pakistani IoT Company, to join hands with the biggest Telecom Company in Pakistan.

We are extremely proud to announce that BlueEast and Jazz are officially entering into an agreement by signing a Memorandum of Understanding today bringing exciting new prospects for both the parties. This is the first time in Pakistan an Internet of Things company partnered up with a Telecom company and will serve as a crucial step towards the practical execution of a long-term collaboration.

The formal agreement, with the motto “Together we can innovate to reach greater heights” at its heart, will allow both companies to grow in their respective markets and will lead to monumental IoT developments.

As per the scope of this MoU, BlueEast and Jazz will symbiotically converge to provide each other the best of what they have to offer.

BlueEast will allow Jazz to utilize its technical specialization in hardware and software. It will also team up with Jazz to provide customized communication solutions for Jazz’s corporate clientele. In return BlueEast’s smart devices will be powered by network and connectivity services provided by Jazz. Both companies will collectively be responsible for pushing the IoT market and introducing innovative IoT products and services to the Pakistani market.

This MoU is not just significant for BlueEast and Jazz but also for the future of technology in Pakistan and we are hopeful that it will become the origin of a lasting partnership and innovations par excellence.

It is our honour and pleasure to be confederated with Jazz and we are confident that together BlueEast and Jazz will create technological history and master the art of innovation!