Abdul Rehman Talat becomes judge, investor at Idea Croron Ka Season 3

With the intention of providing guidelines and support to budding entrepreneurs, BlueEast’s Chief Executive Officer Abdul Rehman Talat has joined “Idea Croron Ka ” as an investor and judge for the Pakistani Shark Tank, Idea Croron Ka. It is a famous TV show that has made waves after two mega-successful seasons.

This program has revolutionized the lives of entrepreneurs and brilliant visionaries by raising money for their companies, linking them to mentors, and providing them with the launching pad.

This initiative aims to propel innovation and the entrepreneurship in Pakistan so that young and enthusiastic, fresh graduates can contribute positively to the growth of the country.

The program was initiated on 17 August 2018 at the Superior Entrepreneurial Expo, a star-studded event attended by Mian Abdul Rehman, Nabeel A. Qadeer, Content Producer Idea Croron Ka and Cofounder Innovation District 92 , Dr. Ch Abdul Rehman, Chairman, The Superior Group along with other investors and others such as Idris bin Jusoh from Malaysia, Alicia Dean, Strategic Marketing Communications Consultant at Austin, Texas, Azam Roomi, VD Faculty and Research, Executive Education, Prince Muhammad Bin Salman College — MBSC of Business and Entrepreneurship, Arif Zaman ED, The Commonwealth Business Women Network, Kishva Ambigapathy, Chairman, The CY Innovation Hub, Faisal Sherjan, ED, NIC, Saad Fazil, CEO, VentureDive, Jehan Ara, The Nest I/O, S Ahmad, DPLIT, Qasif Shahid, FINJA, Bashir Sheikh, Inov8 Limited, Jamil Goheer, Cofounder, Kualitatum, Zaeem Yaqoob, ED Student Affairs and External Relations, Beaconhouse National University, Adnan Shahid, CMO, PTCL and students, lecturers, investors, businessmen, and many other eminent personalities.

“I want to become a part of something like Idea Croron Ka to be a source of encouragement and inspiration for the Pakistani entrepreneurs,” Talat said.

“However, I would like to add that whereas passion and struggle are essential components of a successful business, young professionals should also acquire the skills needed to develop real models,” he added.

Talat also sheds light on some interesting stories of entrepreneurs who started with an idea and turned it into a reality by their sheer determination and hard work.

“You should not be looking at the problems, you should be talking about the solutions,” he concluded.