Abdul Rehman Talat Becomes an Investor & Judge on Idea Croron Ka Season 2

Idea Croron Ka, the hit reality TV show which transformed the lives of many, is Pakistan’s version of Shark Tank. BlueEast’s CEO, Mian Abdul Rehman Talat has now come on board as a permanent investor this the 2nd season of the reality show on NEO TV. The show gives a chance to entrepreneurs all over Pakistan to make it big and to make their ideas become a reality.

The reality show was launched during Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2017 at Superior University on 22nd August 2017 amidst great excitement and before a huge crowd. Mian Abdul Rehman Talat was announced as one of the permanent investors this season amongst other prominent personalities. As a part of the Idea Croron Ka discussion panel, he related his thoughts about how entrepreneurship is the future of Pakistan.

The panel discussed about the entrepreneurial ecosystem which is being developed in Pakistan and how ideas can be converted pragmatically into real businesses and how to protect intellectual property. He emphasized upon analyzing the number of success stories and how they come into being which allow the budding entrepreneurs to mold their business for success as well. He also stressed upon the need to plan as resources and ideas are in themselves not enough. Functional, practical skills in addition to a solid business module are essential to move forward.

Mian Abdul Rehman Talat concluded with the advice that the local entrepreneur needs to go up a notch and work harder so that he/she can compete with international companies. This discussion was just a glimpse of what Idea Croron Ka Season 2 on Neo TV has to offer so do tune in every Saturday and get inspired!