70th Independence Day Celebrations at BlueEast Pvt Ltd

August 14th, 2017 marked the beginning of the 70th year of Pakistan as an independent nation and the employees at BlueEast welcomed this significant occasion with respect, love, splendor and style. Every year, the Independence Day celebrations taking place all around the nation evoke the feelings of pride and love and people, irrespective of their caste, creed, or religion, are awash with patriotism in their hearts. This year too, was no exception. BlueEast celebrated Pakistan’s 70th birthday in the same manner. Everyone at the workplace was energized, cheerful and motivated to make this auspicious event special and memorable.

What can be a better way to celebrate Independence Day with the inclusion of each & everyone with lots of fun, fancy dresses, flavor, music and obviously a cake!

Right from the beginning of the day, all the way till the evening, each employee contributed to the celebrations in their own unique way and brought out the best of the country’s cultures to the workplace. They displayed the rich culture and heritage of different states of Pakistan.

The office was beautifully decorated with balloons, flags and confetti. The people at BlueEast were robed in traditional dresses representing all four provinces namely Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They walked in wearing green & white flag badges on their outfits with pride and even painted the Pakistani flag on their faces!

uch was the air of nationalism at the cheerful BlueEast office during the Independence Day celebrations. Colorful attire, splendid accessories and unique jewelry were adorned for this occasion and every employee looked their Pakistani-best!

The action-packed event began with the group photo session and cake cutting ceremony headed by BlueEast’s CEO Mr. Mian Abdul Rehman Talat, Deputy CEO Ms. Sidra Talat and COO Mr. Junaid Hafeez. The Deputy CEO’s cute little daughter was asked to do the honors.

The event was followed by the awarding of trophies to the “Best Dressed Team “and the “Best Dressed Individual” by COO himself. Also a token of appreciation was given to Ms. Sobia Islam (Head of HR & Admin) who made this event possible.

Patriotic musical performances were also carried out by BlueEast’s talented artists. The CEO Abdul Rehman Talat surprised everyone at the office with his artistic side when he picked up an electrical 6 stringer and strummed tunes of evergreen patriotic songs and famous compositions from Pink Floyd and Metallica. Yes he rocked the show!

BlueEast is surely a happening place, here’s a glimpse of how we celebrated Independence Day!

Merriment prevailed till late evening and every member put their heart and soul into making this cultural event a grand success. 2K17’s Independence Day celebrations will remain etched in the hearts and minds of employees for years to come and promises to be bigger and better the next year!